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Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda Dies at 93

Former Los Angeles Dodgers Manager and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda passed away from heart failure in Fullerton on January 7. He was 93.

After a long career as a Major League player, Lasorda managed the Dodgers from 1976 through 1996, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997. As manager, he led the team to two World Series championships and four National League pennants.

He was a well-known ambassador for the Dodgers and could often be seen at games.

Lasorda managed the U.S. Olympic baseball team in 2000, leading the Americans to the gold medal.

Lasorda and his family resided in Fullerton for more than 50 years and had two children with his wife, Jo. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

Tommy Lasorda (1927-2021).


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  1. Seeing Tommy all over town made many of us feel like he was a personal friend, some of those will give us their thoughts in the next issue. Miss you Tommy, we all hope your wife Jo is somehow OK tonight.

  2. Such a wonderful all around person! So many stories coming out today of how he blessed so many
    I bet the baseballs are flying high in heaven tonight May Jo find peace in knowing he is at peace!

    FO he passed today not 12/7 as your story says🥲

  3. I remember many years ago when I was nightclubin’ at the Anaheim Hilton and I went outside the lobby just to get some fresh air and it was very late in the evening and no one was around and then all of a sudden a black limousine rolls up and Tommy comes out and he was all by himself and he just seemed so down to earth…

  4. Tommy and his lovely wife Jo gave so much to our community. Quite the legacy! So thankful he got to see his Dodgers win one more World Series! Best gift ever! We will miss Tommy deeply and send our deepest condolences to Jo and the family.
    Rest in Baseball Paradise Tommy…

  5. We will all miss Tommy. My brother Bob and I were friends and were school mates, both at Saint Mary elementary and Sunny Hills High School with Spunky the son of Tommy and Mrs. Lasorda. We will all miss father and son. Sincerely, Rod J.

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