Ad Schedule


2019/2020 Schedule
22-Apr 29-Apr
6-May 13-May
27-May 3-Jun
10-Jun 17-Jun
24-Jun 1-Jul
29-Jul 5-Aug
27-Aug 2-Sep
9-Sep 16-Sep
23-Sep 30-Sep
7-Oct 14-Oct
28-Oct 4-Nov
11-Nov 18-Nov
25-Nov 2-Dec
9-Dec 16-Dec
31-Dec 6-Jan
27-Jan 3-Feb
10-Feb 17-Feb
24-Feb 2-Mar
9-Mar 16-Mar
23-Mar 30-Mar
6-Apr 13-Apr
27-Apr 4-May
11-May 18-May
25-May 1-Jun

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