Distinguished Speakers – Sam Mihara @ Fullerton Public Library @ 4 pm

Distinguished Speakers – Lessons from Japanese Internment Camps with Sam Mihara. Sam Mihara, is a national speaker on the topic of mass imprisonment in the United States. In 1942, the U.S. government forced 9-year-old Sam and his family, along with everyone of Japanese ancestry living in the West, out of their homes and into prison camps. Sam and his family were sent to a prison camp called Heart Mountain in desolate northern Wyoming. The entire family lived in one small room without facilities for three years. In his compelling presentation, Sam talks about why the World War II camps were created and describes the forcible removal of people from their homes. He explores what happened to people who challenged the government’s violation of their civil rights. He discusses what daily life in camp was like, how they got out of the camp and what it was like for many people when they returned home. Finally, Sam examines the question: Could mass imprisonment happen again? Fullerton Public Library Community Room 353 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton.

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Sep 11 2019

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