Lecture on Spacecraft Propulsion @ Pollak Library @ 2 PM

•2pm: Lecture on Spacecraft
Propulsion. Patrons of the Library
present a lecture by Dr. James
Woodward entitled “The Question
Isn’t ‘What’s Out There?’ It’s ‘Can
We Ever Get There?’ An Answer to
the Spacecraft ‘Propulsion’
Challenge.” James Woodward
earned bachelors and masters
degrees in physics. He has secured
U.S. patents and NASA and the
Space Studies Institute grant funding
for his work on a prototype
spacecraft propulsion system for
moving through spacetime quickly.
He has written a book entitled
“Making Starships and Stargates:
The Science of Interstellar
Transport and Absurdly Benign
Wormholes.” For information contact
Pollak Library PLN-130. Free. 800
N. State College Ave. Fullerton.


Feb 29 2020


2:00 pm

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