Sunny Hills Cheer to Rome

Aleeya and Lyndsey performed in the Rome parade among 150 Cheerleaders selected from schools in the US. They were the only students from Fullerton.

Sunny High School students Aleeya, a 17 year old senior, and Lyndsey, a 15 year old sophomore, were chosen as All American Cheerleaders to be part of the Varsity All American Team to perform in Rome with 150 girls from other schools around the US. Each Varsity Camp  held during summer around the US selected the team-members from among the attendees who tried out. Aleeya and Lyndsey were the only two from Fullerton.
The girls learned about the art, culture, and history of Rome while various historical sites. On New Yearʼs Day they performed in the Rome New Yearʼs Day Parade along with other performers from around the world.


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