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Anti-Semitic Actions at Teen Party & Where to Get Help

Newport Mesa Unified School District high school students posted photos online of a recent off-campus party showing red cups set up in the form of a swastika and surrounding students  giving the Nazi salute. Some of the students involved have since apologized.

The school district representative indicated that the district was aware of the postings and while the actions did not happen on any school campus or school related function, “We condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hate in all their forms. The district is collecting information and working with law enforcement and asking parents to partner in helping their students make good decisions and be respectful of others.”

In response to many calls reporting the incident to the OC Human Relations, the non-profit which works to foster understanding between the diverse population of the county, posted the following message on their website:

“This weekend many of you alerted us to the social media posts that included anti-Semitic symbols and gestures posted by local youth. 

At OC Human Relations we believe that all people deserve to live free of violence and discrimination and that every student deserves a safe place to learn. Even though these events took place off campus we know many students will be feeling their effects as they arrive at school. 

We hope our communities come out to show their support for a safe and inclusive community where all people are welcomed and that we can repair the harm done and restore this community.

We are committed to bringing diverse people together to foster mutual understanding and have reached out to offer our support. 

“Hate is easy, but love takes courage.” Let these words guide all of us who are affected by this and are working to address it.”

OC Human Relations CEO Alison Edwards added that We will offer our support to the schools involved to help address this as needed on campus. It would be my hope that this is an opportunity for these communities to come out and show their support for a safe and inclusive community where all people are welcomed and images and actions like this are not acceptable.”
OC Human Relations works with schools to reduce friction on campuses and foster understanding between diverse groups. Visit to learn about the available programs or call Julie Vue at  (714) 480-6589

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