SPEAK: Photography of Visual Voices @ FLDWRK

Project La Femme and the Hibbleton Gallery are co-hosting a new visual arts pop-up exhibit entitled “SPEAK: Photography of Visual Voices” at FLDWRK, 110 E Wilshire Ave #101, Fullerton. The venue is open during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk on Friday, April 5 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

This project is in partnership with Santa Ana College and Irvine Valley College Art Departments, with a call-for-art that went out to the photography and art students in those departments.Under the direction of professors Juliana Rico and D. Hill, the  show was juried by curator Kelly Chidester, and features 30 pieces of art all in response “how do you use art as your voice?”

Students were asked to “speak” on a personal, local, national, or global level issue through their photographs.The result is a dynamic and intimate look at the questions this generation is grappling with.

Project La Femme is an intersectional arts and performance collective consisting of Andrea Freeman, Katie Chidester and Amber Scott.  It was formed shortly after the Womens’ March in 2017 to explore culturally relevant social issues and support and promote other artists from a female perspective. Past projects by the group include an interactive photographic project entitled #IMNOTDISPOSABLE, a one night only performance of Women’s Performances entitled #WOMENGETLOUD, and they assisted in producing Tina A. Burkhalter’s one woman show “My Life in Two Acts”.

Hibbleton is a local gallery focusing on works from the latest underground artists and is dedicated to art that provokes thought and initiates discourse.

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