Utility Box Murals in Downtown Fullerton

Downtown Fullerton recently got a little more beautiful, as local artists recently completed paintings of four city-owned utility boxes.

“Hands of Fullerton” by Annabelle Dimang

The public art program was organized and sponsored by city and the Fullerton Museum Center.

“Three 3D designs” by Andrea Evington

The artists are Emily Heller (California State Flower); Annabelle Dimang (Hands of Fullerton); Amy Lopez (Space Golf); and Andrea Evington (Three 3D designs).

“California State Flower” by Emily Heller

Try to find these colorful utility boxes downtown!


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  1. This is such a travesty and hypocrisy! Make fullerton beautiful …but ignore the mess of homeless people (especially on Gilbert and Valencia). Put time, energy & money into some “thing” and forget about real living people ! Yeah art is nice and possibly important but people are MORE important !! Wake up fullerton and set your priorities straight!