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Public at Risk: Scandals at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

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  1. The Holtec warranty is for manufacturing defects only. And if Edison chooses to use the defective canisters and defective system, the warranty is void. Edison has made that choice by continuing to use defective Holtec system that unavoidably gouges the walls of every thin-wall canister loaded into the storage holes. The inferior Holtec design lacks the precision to guide the canister into the tight hole. Edison admits the canister scrapes against the walls of the hole the entire length of the canister.

    The Governor should direct the CA Public Utilities Commission to freeze the ratepayer funded San Onofre Decommissioning Trust Fund until these issues are resolved. There is over $4.3 billion in the Trust Fund. The CPUC approved these funds with the false assumption these canisters would not need to be replaced.

    Edison wants to use the money to destroy the spent fuel pools. This is the only NRC aporoved on-site method to replace canisters.

    There are an additional 51 thin-wall canisters on the site (Areva NUHOMS) stored above ground. These are up to 16 years old, so may already have major cracks, yet Edison has no plan to inspect, repair or replace these canisters.

    The Coastal Commission should revoke Edison’s dry storage permits.

    The Coastal Commission should not issue a permit to destroy the spent fuel pools. This may be on the agenda for September Coastal Commission meeting in Newport Beach.

    Both current and previous San Onofre Chief Nuclear Officers admit these new Holtec canisters are being loaded too hot to return the fuel back into the pool, yet the NRC continues to allow them to load canister with NO BACKUP PLAN WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG.

    This problem must be solved at the state level. The state has 100% financial authority. The NRC has no financial authority.

    The Coastal Commission has authority to require these canisters must be in transportable condition so they can be moved off the coast due to coastal erosion or sea level rise. Edison cannot meet that Coastal requirement. Removing the pools further ensures they cannot meet that requirement.

    The Governor, in essence, controls these state agencies.

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