Season of Art and Hearts

Our favorite season of the year is upon us. No, we’re not talking about Christmas. In Fullerton, we have our own special time of the year—the season of hearts. Locals look forward to that particular period when large hearts decorate our downtown, as they have every year for the past 8 years.

These hearts are only one aspect of All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation annual Arts Auction/ celebration on November 16th at the downtown plaza.The extra large hearts (and this year a overstuffed chair) visible while cruising down Harbor Ave were created by local artists in celebration of the arts.

In addition to the larger hearts, you will find eight smaller hearts displayed at various businesses in the downtown. There’s even a fun treasure hunt game for willing players. Visit any of our sponsor stores and pick up a game card. Then visit each store that has a heart and you will be entered to win a free tickets to the grand event on November 16th.

All the Arts Foundation is an extraordinary non-profit created to support arts education for every child in the Fullerton School District. Every kindergarten through 6th grade child receives 24 lessons in visual art, theater, dance, and music throughout the year, at all seventeen of the local elementary schools.

The Foundation is a grassroots community effort founded in 1992, and has grown throughout the decades. Many of the current artists/educators are even graduates of the program. As well as classroom lessons by dancers, actors, artists and musicians, All the Arts provides art grants for teachers and runs after-school programs that provide extended arts education.

The public is welcome to the special evening event on the 16th. Tickets are $75, and participants are treated to an evening of food, drinks and the chance to bid on hundreds of pieces of art donated by artists from across the nation. For more information contact or call 714.447.7489

2019 hearts sponsors are:

Salon Lujon

Fast Signs

Lux Salon

Vino Nostra

Salon Technique

8eightyeight Cigar Lounge

Unity Salon

Fullerton Museum Center


2019 Heart Makers are:

Carol Towler

Sue Wilson

Catherine Downey

Judy Parker

Kim Angers

Amy Field

Cindy Krueger

Ann Hanks

Jim Towler

Katherine England

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