Celebrating 60 Years of the CSUF School of Music

On October 18, 1959, Joseph Landon, music Supervisor for the San Bernardino Public Schools, submitted his “Proposed Music Curriculum for Orange County State College” on the request of William Langsdorf, CSUF founding President. Langsdorf was so impressed by Landon’s Plan the he hired him in 1960 as one of the very first CSUF professors, and Chair of the Division of Fine Arts. Landon very soon hired a distinguished core of music faculty. He also helped design, and open the second building on campus, the Clayes Performing Arts Center, in Spring 1965. Landon and other early music faculty shepherded the School of Music through a huge growth period, and established a history of excellence in music education, which continues to this day.

The CSUF School of Music is now one of the preeminent music units in the CSU system, in California and the West, and in the USA, and it attracts outstanding students from around the globe.

This exhibit highlights the distinguished history of the CSUF School of Music over its entire 60-year history, emphasizing first and foremost the students, present and past, as well as the excellent faculty, staff, and facilities. The artful display of promotional and musical materials—photographs, posters, programs, recordings, filmed performances, oral histories, musical scores, faculty publications and compositions, and other materials—vividly demonstrates the important role the CSUF School of Music has played in the development of the university and in the advancement of music education, performances, and music scholarship, on the local, regional, state, national, and international levels over these sixty years.

Curated by John Koegel, Professor of Musicology. John Koegel, Professor of Musicology, serves as Graduate Advisor for the CSUF School of Music, Coordinator of Music History, and Coordinator of Music in General Education. Spanish). Opening Reception: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 6pm at Pollak Library North, Atrium Gallery and Room 130 Free Admission. Through March 24.

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