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Grocery Stores Set Hours for Vulnerable Shoppers and Seniors 60 and Older

To avoid the spread of coronavirus to vulnerable shoppers and elderly folks, local grocery stores have begun implementing special hours for these residents. These hours are as follows (as of March 24). Please contact your local store before visiting to confirm. Note: Some stores offer home delivery and/or curbside pickup. Check stores’ websites.

  1. Albertsons/Safeway/Von’s: Tuesday and Thursday from 7am to 9am. For more information visit  local.safeway.com
  2. Costco: Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-9am, including pharmacy
  3. Food-4-Less: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7am – 7:30am
  4. Mother’s Market: Wednesday from 6am to 7am for “elderly, disabled, those with compromised immune systems, chemo patients, etc.” Also offering free home delivery with promo code FREE4SENIORS.
  5. Ralphs: Exclusive for Seniors 60 and older – 7am to 7:30am
  6. Target: Wednesday the first hour of operation from 8am to 9am is designated for vulnerable guests.
  7. Trader Joe’s: Daily from 9am to 10am with separate lines for these shoppers.
  8. Walgreens: Tuesday from 8am to 9am. This time also available to caregivers and immediate family.
  9. Walmart: Tuesday from 6am to 7am from March 24 through April 28.
  10. Whole Foods: An hour before opening for 60 and older, which is 7am in most Orange County stores


Also, Fullerton’s Every Wednesday Certified Farmers Market reopened at its temporary new location in the Fullerton Public Library parking lot at Amerige entrance on March 25 from 8am to 1pm. Social distancing standards will be observed. Call 714-871-5304 on Wednesdays for more information. The Library is located at 353 W Commonwealth.

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  1. This is a good step for seniors that aren’t too ill with medical complaints that make it hard to get up at the crack of day and drive out to get to the stores. Many have no friends left alive to help them. A helpul addition would be an _evening_ window like this, with some goods set aside just for THEM from the morning hours. This is my wife and myself in this situation, both. Mornings are very hard on us. The senior center is closed, and we haven’t seen a roll of TP in weeks.

    This shortage situation was handled badly from the start; a WW2-style rationing program should have been set in place. Instead, we have hoarders and black marketeers all over.