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Navigation Center for Homeless Opens in Fullerton

A 15,700-square-foot Navigation Center near the Fullerton airport opens this month to house up to 90 adults experiencing homelessness, with an additional 60 beds for adults in need of recuperative care as they recover from surgery and other critical hospital care.

The Navigation Center is located at 3535 W. Commonwealth Ave.

The non-profit agency Illumination Foundation will not only temporarily shelter these individuals but provide the in-house support services they need to transition back into permanent housing and a stabilized life path.

After the plan was approved by the city of Fullerton, additional private and public resources came to the table including the city of Fullerton, Illumination Foundation, the state of California, the county of Orange, CalOptima and even a private individual who purchased the building for the cause.

“This is a transformational undertaking in our efforts to address the homeless situation here in Fullerton and Orange County,” Councilmember Jesús Silva said. “We are thankful to Illumination Foundation for their partnership in providing humane and dignified services to those in our community who need it the most.”

Paul Leon is the CEO of Illumination Foundation.

“Until COVID-19 became an issue and our economy began to unravel, it may have seemed easier to think that homeless people needed to be handled by someone else,” Leon said. “Now, that sense of vulnerability and a feeling of grappling with the unknown is palpable to a much larger percentage of Americans. We all understand now that extreme economic hardship resulting in homelessness could happen to just about anyone.”

The dining room mural was created by Brian Peterson of Faces of Santa Ana.

For more information, visit www.ifhomeless.org.

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  1. “ . . . Extreme economic hardship resulting in homelessness . . .” At first glance, I got a ray of hope for the chronically mentally ill, the schizophrenics and traumatic brain injuries who have been literally kicked to the curb due to extensive cuts to mental health care. Thanks to the state of California abrogating its responsibility to fund 24/7 residential care for those homeless due to their mental illness, these people subsist on the whims of generosity from strangers. I bet 99% of the people who enter Fullerton’s Navigation Center are not homeless because they lost their jobs and yet this place only designed to help those who are experiencing “extreme economic hardship”. This farce of a center is inherently cruel joke played on the public’s sense of decency towards others.

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