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Free DIY Sandbags to Protect Your Home From Flooding

The city of Fullerton is offering a free sandbag station for residents so they can protect their homes from flooding.

Everything for filling is provided except mask, gloves, and your labor filling the bags and loading your vehicle.

Please observe shovel safety and never put a shovel down with “opening” facing up. Residents are advised to fill the bags only half-way to save your back and your car’s suspension, but most importantly, so they’ll be able to spread and form a small wall with their nearby bags.

It’s best to have some heavy-mil plastic as a base for your sandbag “wall” when you get home. There are videos on the Internet showing where and how to lay everything out to protect your structures.

Fullerton Sandbag Station

Open 24/7

West of the City Maintenance Yard near the CNG station

(Southwest corner of Commonwealth and Basque)

1600 W. Commonwealth

Limit 15 bags per household