The Downtown Report: Mid April

“Why Don’t ‘They’ Fix the Potholes?!”

Commonwealth Ave. road reconstruction before.

As Commonwealth got worse and worse with all the micro-trenching for the installation of fiber optic cable, water main breaks, erosion, etc., the above line was a daily cry for help. What is interesting, even though now that ‘they’ are completely reconstructing Commonwealth from Balcom to Montague, the beat goes on. So here are some images that may convince everyone that once and for all, yes, the work has begun. The reconstruction project includes completed sewer main replacement, water main replacement, upgrades to existing curbs and gutters, sidewalks and ADA ramps. Improvements to Raymond from Commonwealth to Chapman will begin in the next few weeks.

Commonwealth Ave. road reconstruction after.

Replacement sewer pipes placed under Commonwealth as part of the road reconstruction.

Of course, bumpy/grumpy Orangethorpe will remain the rallying cry, and improvements from Woods to Highland are scheduled to begin soon. Improvements to the segment of Orangethorpe adjacent to the old Kimberly-Clark plant are the responsibility of the developer. Additional work on Orangethorpe is not scheduled at this time but Public Works is looking for additional funding to improve Harbor to Lemon and State College to Placentia.

On April 6, recommendations to allocate 2.7 million in SB1 transportation funding to improve Valencia from Magnolia to Gilbert and Rosecrans from the City limits to Sunny Ridge were unanimously approved by our City Council. If you have an issue with potholes in your neighborhood you can call (714) 738-6897 or email More info will come our way when Mayor Bruce Whitaker gives the annual State of the City address with the theme “Give P’s a Chance: Potholes, Pipes, Pavement, Pension, Protection, and Prosperity” on April 29 at 11am.

Fullerton Honors Banners

Forget 2020 for a minute; 2021 is going to be a banner year as we finally replace the many banners on Commonwealth and install new ones. (This lazy sentence will be blamed on COVID fog). Sun, wind, and age have taken all of these banners to the point of no return. If you sponsored one please contact me at my email address below. Finally, we are once again able to honor those who have served us. If you want to sponsor one now, those who are eligible are men and women who are currently serving in the armed forces, those who have served in the past, and those who have given their lives while serving as police officers or firefighters.

Ritto family under banner honoring Sydney Ritto.

Costs have gone up but once the number of banners is determined, we will know if we can still hold the cost to around $300 each, which includes design, printing, all hardware, installation, maintenance, and eventually, removal. They should remain in place for at least a few years. Please don’t hesitate; we have set a deadline, and that deadline will be May 31 so we can begin to replace the damaged banners well before July 4.

Fullerton Market Returns

The Fullerton Farmer’s Market returned to the Downtown Plaza On April 8. The entire Fullerton Market lineup, with live music, beer and wine garden, and all of the other vendors should return soon. Stay tuned!

Eggmazing Race

Eggmazing Race organizers.

We told you about this in our last issue when we covered the egg hunt, and a large number of you came out to participate or just watch. Because so many restaurants and other sponsors donated prizes, there were many, many winners and we only have space for a few here. Bottom line, it was a nearly perfect day, a great success, and we all hope this becomes an annual event. When Fullertonians put their minds to it, nothing can stop us.

First place winners of the Eggmazing Race John and son.

Third place winner Andrea Freeman and Freddie.

Jenni Powell wins a $25 gift card.

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