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New Group Forms to Protect Fullerton Trees

Arbor Day Weekend Zoom Event 4 pm Sunday May 2.

One of the oldest and largest oak trees in Fullerton, planted in 1914, grows in the quad at Fullerton High School. Photo by Jensen Hallstrom

A new group, the Heritage Trees Committee of Friends for a Livable Fullerton, is forming to advocate for the enjoyment and preservation of Fullerton’s unique and special trees. They hope to continue the work started by Fullerton Beautiful, a long-time Fullerton group which recently disbanded.

Their debut event will be a Zoom meeting on Sunday of the weekend of Arbor Day, and will be accessible by traditional landline phones as well as computers and electronic devices.  The program will feature a short video of “Special Trees of Fullerton” and introduce the committee’s first three projects:

• Saving Fullerton’s 10 Most Threatened Trees

• Inventorying Fullerton’s Significant Trees

• Encouraging Proper Tree Care

Whether you are interested in ornamental, agricultural, or native trees, there will be something for you. There will also be an opportunity to join in the committee’s work to preserve and protect local trees.

At future meetings we are expecting to discuss a variety of Fullerton tree topics, preservation opportunities, and demonstrations/discussion of proper tree care. Those who can’t attend can visit the group’s new webpage which will go live on Arbor Day, Friday April 30: www.SaveFullerton.com/Trees.

The website will outline the group’s projects and list resources for tree care education and preservation advocacy, and will include a list of Fullerton’s 10 most threatened trees. There will also be a place to nominate favorite trees to the Fullerton Tree Inventory.

The group hopes to increase community awareness of the importance of trees and invites the public to join in their mission to save Fullerton’s heritage trees.

To RSVP, call or text 714-729-3019 with your preferred way to join Zoom (e-mail or phone) and you will be called or texted with either a phone number to call in or an online link to Zoom in.  This is also the number to ask questions or get involved.

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