The Downtown Report: Early May Edition

100 and Counting

Suddenly it appeared on the screen, something that many may not realize still exists—a nationwide TV salute to those who had just turned the page on 99 and hit the magic triple digit. Yes, they still do that, and it’s still sponsored by Smuckers. The next day we were coincidentally contacted about a Fullertonian who was turning 100. We have saluted a few centenarians here in the past and it’s WeEtta Correy who gets the treatment now and for good reason.

Cards, flowers, and gifts to celebrate the 100th birthday of Fullerton resident WeEtta Correy.

She was honored with 100 cards from well-wishers. And, is it possible? Two days after the Today Show sighting there it was, just inside the front door, the cards and a Smuckers jar with WeEtta’s image on the front. She was in a back room engaged in a Zoom call with friends and relatives all over the country, and well-wishers were in the back yard getting her party ready. This Fullerton house has been her home since she and her husband purchased it back in 1956 for $11,000. I think she did well on the investment.

Well done, WeEtta and thanks for allowing us to experience a bit of your weekend. Here she is (below) in front of her home with just a small fraction of those whose lives she has brightened for a hundred years now. When directing her, her son and I wanted her to move into the center of the shot, of course. I said to get directly behind the 0, but that only narrowed it down, there were two 0s, of course. Happy Birthday.

WeEtta Correy celebrates her 100th birthday surrounded by family.

Love Fullerton (Photos 4134, 4139, 4181)

The same day, there were photographers all over town capturing images of the large number of volunteers who spent a good part of their day painting, repairing, cleaning up buildings, schools, and homes and even clearing unwanted growth from our many trails. Here are a few images from two of our trails, the transportation center, and Raymond Elementary School. It was quite a Saturday for uplifting events.

Volunteers doing cleanup in Downtown Fullerton during the Love Fullerton serve day on April 24.

Volunteers doing trail maintenance during the Love Fullerton serve day on April 24.

Volunteers fix a fence during the Love Fullerton serve day.

‘Fullerton Honors’ Banners: Act Now

A number of you contacted me ( but if you are interested in a banner of someone who served, please get busy and drop me a line. We need a final count soon.

It’s not too late to purchase a banner in honor of a friend or family member who served our country to be displayed along Commonwealth Ave.

Promise Kept

We promised to show you the interior of the new Fullerton High School Gym and here is part of it. More to come in a later issue once it is officially open. Many former students were nostalgic about the old gym but once they see this, they will probably wish they were attending now. What was done exceeds all expectations.  They constructed many tables from the old wood floor, installed the vintage exterior letters that spelled Gymnasium, lined the walls with historic photos, installed the painted Indian in a place of honor and much more.  It’s a fitting entry. Can’t wait to show you the main room.

Interior of the new Fullerton Union High School gym.

Table constructed from the wooden floor of the old gym.

Hit the Road

Commonwealth is very close to getting that final layer of asphalt.

Commonwealth street reconstruction is nearly complete.

Photo Quiz

Where were these murals and what time of year was this photo taken? Send your answers to Mike at

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