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The Downtown Report: Mid May Edition

Discover Fullerton

Our Community Center is organizing a number of events Downtown, including a SoCo District Guided Walk and a business scavenger hunt. Businesses are signing up now for the Live Local events and more info can be found at www.fullertoncommunitycenter.com/livelocal, or you can call (714) 738-6575. We will be sure to update you on details as this activity progresses. Nice idea!

Firestone Tire Service

The corner of Harbor and Chapman has featured a lot of different businesses over the years and early on, people would drive up and purchase tires and a variety of automotive services.  Now, you can once again spend some time relaxing in the courtyard with a cup of Joe. Yes, it’s true, Dripp Coffee has reopened, so head back for some time under the olive trees.

Catch Up on Aisle 16

Decades ago if you wanted to know what was happening in the Fullerton music scene, you went to the corner of State College and Chapman. Sure, there was a live music venue on one of the corners, but also, a certain restaurant where everyone went. Hey, if you have stories, let me know and maybe we will expand on this. BTW, some of those Troy High School kids graduated from playing in garages even before they graduated from High School. If you think all of those bands are gone, think again. Social D.

Now, if one wants to know what’s happening in Fullerton, a certain grocery store on Harbor may the place to get the goods. Early on in this COVID nightmare it was scary to even walk into to a grocery store. Many were content (and still are) to go online and get what they could. Now, even with masks de rigueur, conversations are common there between those who are venturing forth. Why? For many, it’s the only conversation they may have that day. For the most part, from what I have heard from those who suddenly no longer feel like strangers in a strange land, life is getting better all the time. Are we at the beginning of the end, the normal on the horizon? One thing for sure, according to fellow shoppers, business is returning to our downtown, and we can resurrect “Shop Fullerton First” plus include dine here first as well. Disclaimer—ketchup is on aisle 16, but most conversations during the COVID Pandemic seem to take place on the wine aisle.

Steve Sightings

There is a Facebook page for Steve the now famous peacock and the headline above is the name of the page if you want to check it out. Efforts are being made to map his journeys, so hopefully we will have that at some point. Many think there are multiple peacocks roaming, but then again, some don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Imagine that.


Commonwealth between Balcom and Raymond plus Commonwealth between Raymond and Montigue are now being striped, so the job may be completed by the time you read this. In between, the intersection where way too many seem to miss the red light is also complete. Since I have driven on that stretch hundreds of thousands of times between home and downtown since I located my office here in the 80s, it’s probably only being reconstructed because I personally wore the pavement out.  A few cars and sets of tires were laid to waste, as well. Now, at least between those two points, it’s all smooth riding.

Road repair on Raymond Ave. between Chapman and Commonwealth.

Raymond between Commonwealth and Chapman, including the Chapman intersection are now completed. Going anywhere near there the day they removed and replaced Raymond was a bad idea. Yes, it took one day, and a few days later they added the final top layer. I walked there and had to be on the alert as drivers decided ROAD CLOSED was just a suggestion. Many drove over cones and when they got to Raymond, looked puzzled for some reason.  One driver skidded past me as he raced out of the parking lot and turned into traffic on Wilshire, somehow not hitting anyone. Others were yelling out loud and actually trying to get around the cones, so they could drive on the still steaming asphalt. Some just drove right over them.

Wilshire Ave. near Raymond.

Work on Orangethorpe between Woods and Highland is underway now. Let’s hope drivers on that side of Fullerton have more patience.

Beginning soon, Brookhurst between Orangethorpe and Commonwealth will get the repaving treatment, so relax, put on some soothing music, and avoid the area if you notice traffic up ahead. It IS possible to get around and isn’t it worth it? It’s what we have all been asking for.

Must be the Shoes

Years ago I came across a small shop a few blocks west of Harbor on Commonwealth where custom footwear was made for film, theme parks, and theaters. Then, they moved to a much larger facility, where the venerable Fullerton Motor Parts store was for many years. Capri Shoes had become a big success with industry orders, shoe repair and products, and from individual orders for custom shoes. Now they  have moved west  to 3621 West Commonwealth near Fullerton Municipal Airport. Best of luck on your move. Sure hope something exciting pops up in the old location.

Photo Quiz

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