The Downtown Report: July Edition


Fortunately, that’s busked, not busted. An unnamed trio of local musicians took to the streets as buskers on the day we had hoped to hold Day of Music and fortunately, they were heard and sighted but not cited. This year the timing was such that it was not possible to plan anything in advance so it was up to individuals to do what they could. I hope you all at least had a chance to turn it up at home and celebrate the first day of Summer with some music in your lives. My neighbors no doubt appreciated my music blaring from outdoor speakers. Someone might have been yelling at me to turn it down. If so, I could not hear them. Guess it was just too loud. Or just loud enough.

Note: “Busking” is the activity of playing music in the street or another public place for voluntary donations.

Bikers Take Over

Altamont. Sturgis. Now this!? We all know how the Fourth of July went last year. It must have been the most ‘explosive’ of all time with so many legal but also illegal fireworks igniting the ground and sky for hours; it was pretty crazy. No, actually it was extremely crazy. Looking for something a little quieter? The Bike Parade returns, starting at the former CVS parking lot at Euclid and Wilshire. Get there before 11am and line up. Bikes, skateboards, and scooters are all welcome. UFOs? Not sure. No cars. Come on, it’s a bicycle parade. Get real, and be sure to decorate what you ride. We don’t want no trouble.

The Downtown Fourth of July Bike Parade will begin at 11am at the former CVS parking lot at Euclid and Wilshire.

What was missing last year was the annual City of Fullerton fireworks show. COVID took that from us along with so many other events. So, what about this year? It will not return this year either, but since there are legal fireworks available, if you are into buying them for your own show, be smart about it. Yeah, the safe and sane bit. Your purchase can really help the organizations who sell them to raise funds for their causes. For some, it can even be the biggest fundraiser of the year, so if you do purchase them, please Shop Fullerton First. Stands open July 1.

One more note about bikers, only these are the ones who prefer gas power, and lots of it.  Life of a Ridetime helps raise awareness, money, and hope for local families of fallen heroes of the Police and Fire Department. Eight Eighty Eight cigars is sponsoring a Ride With Us event on July 17. For more info, go to or stop by 118 West Wilshire. Speaking of Police, Fire Department, and also Veterans, we are getting closer to printing and getting new Fullerton Honors banners back up. If you need info contact me, my email address is always here in this column.

Now Open

It’s strange to be surprised by seeing something as normal as an open alley, but there it is. After what seemed like an eternity, you can now drive through the SoCo alley. Having gotten used to it, many seem to prefer the vehicle free alley for safer walking from place to place, but the Fire Lane is now clear again and all emergency vehicles can pass through, and deliveries can be made. As to Walk On Wilshire, the business owners in the area all seem to love it, and there is no future item on the City Council agenda to require its removal. We will of course let you know if that does happen. Bike riders need to take a short walk on the mild side, but the bike lane continues on the east side of Harbor, where entertainment will soon return to the Thursday Fullerton Market. The full lineup will be announced July 1 but for now, Bubba tells us his Big Bad Blues will be on the stage July 15.

Outdoor dining on Wilshire Ave.

The SoCo alley is now open.

Summer at Hillcrest

Our large downtown park is a great place to go any time, and Summer is especially good when it comes to things for kids to do. Camp Hillcrest Day Camp continues through August, so another reminder. Many activities for kids ages 5-12 are available. You should find a week or two that works for you by going to and search Camp Hillcrest, or call (714) 738-6575. There are weekly themes and on-site activities supervised by trained recreation staff and volunteers. A Summer filled with outdoors exploration, arts, crafts, demonstrations and shows, and of course, spending time with other children creates memories that last a lifetime.

Aerial photo of Hillcrest Park in Fullerton.

Photo Quiz

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