Fullerton Celebrates Fourth of July with Downtown Bike Parade

Residents celebrated the Fourth of July with a massive bike parade that drew hundreds. The parade, organized by Tim and Nancy Johnson and friends, began at the old CVS parking lot at Euclid and Wilshire where Scout Troop 1201 led attendees in a color guard salute and pledge of allegiance before heading toward Downtown Fullerton.

Parade organizer Tim Johnson addresses the crowd before the parade begins. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

Scout Troop 1201 leads a color guard. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

Scout Troop 1201 leads a color guard. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

Bicyclists and “autoette” drivers prepare to begin the parade. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

A contingent of motorcycles led the way acting as escorts to protect bicyclists from cross traffic.

Motorcycle rider Jim Lace leads the parade. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

Parade co-organizer Nancy Johnson, dressed as Lady Liberty. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

Following the motorcycles were a few highly decorated small cars, or “autoettes,” followed by hundreds of bicycles.

Tim and Nancy Johnson in an “autoette” lead the parade. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

The parade proceeded east down Wilshire Ave. through Downtown Fullerton.

Bicyclists heading toward Downtown Fullerton along Wilshire Ave. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

Volunteers and various community groups had decorated the traffic roundabouts along Wilshire with flags, artwork, and messages.

Bicyclists of all ages joined the parade. Photo by Jennifer Silva.

“I want to thank all in our community who have come together to help spread the unifying positive spirit,” Nancy Johnson wrote on the Facebook group Life is a Parade. “Tim has pulled this together for quite a few years and it has become big and beautiful. I know his hope is for all of us to come together as a community and unify us and end our differences with fun and lightheartedness.”


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