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JP23 lawsuit against concerned citizen dismissed

A lawsuit between Jacob Poozhikala, owner of JP23 Urban Kitchen restaurant/night club and Luis Huang, a private citizen who sent a letter to Fullerton City Council members has been adjudicated and dismissed.

Luis Huang sent a letter raising concern of the public’s safety after reading the story of Samantha Velasquez who said she believed she had been drugged at JP23 Urban Kitchen restaurant/bar, and later raped and left in a parking structure on August 2, 2021. The letter was then given to Jacob Poozhikala, owner of JP23 by someone at City Hall. Poozhikala then filed a libel lawsuit on November 3 through his attorney, Jennifer Harris.

Protest August 8th

Protest outside JP23 Urban Kitchen in August 2021.

Huang’s attorney, Jeffrey Lewis said, “People should have the right to reach out to their city council to raise a public safety concern without fear of retaliation by lawsuit. We are pleased that the Superior Court recognized this lawsuit for what it was – an improper attempt to silence a voice through expensive litigation. I hope that the plaintiffs here will focus their time and money on making their establishments as safe as they can rather than pursue further frivolous lawsuits.”

Poozhikala has also filed lawsuits against Samantha Velasquez and Justine Flores. Both suits are libel suits in which Poozhikala alleges the women made false accusations that economically hurt his business and is therefore suing for 1.3 million dollars in damages. A management hearing will be heard on Feb 25, 2022.

Further documentation about JP23 can be found through Public Request #R000850-121021 on the city of Fullerton website HERE. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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