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Book Sale Raises Funds for Library

The Friends of the Library held a huge Book Sale on March 25 and 26 in the Library’s conference room. This was heavily attended since the easing of COVID restrictions. Both days drew large crowds.

Photo by Jere Greene.

The Friends holds sales of books that are donated throughout the year. The library basement has racks filled with these books that are then sorted by volunteer subjects and donated to the library. Those not used by the library are then sold at book sales events held a few times each year. The money from these sales is given to the library to fund purchases the library needs. Fifty-thousand dollars was presented to the library from previous sales last month.

Photo by Jere Greene.

Books covering almost any subject can be found at these sales and the average price is generally $2. This is always a fun event and at the end of the final day, the room is cleared out and then re-opened where there is a wild scramble to get all the books you can fit into shopping bags that were purchased for $2 each.

Watch for the next Book Sale scheduled for June 24 where there’s bound to be something for everyone.