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SoCalGas repairs methane leaks near Golden Hill Elementary ahead of schedule

Screen shot of methane leak map from March 10, showing leaks near Golden Hill Elementary School.

The Fullerton Observer made an inquiry to SoCalGas about methane leaks found near Golden Hill Elementary. Elizabeth Rodil, a media representative for SoCalGas, said, “In an effort to be proactive, the repairs near Golden Hill Elementary were made ahead of schedule. The two green diamonds near Golden Hill (see map above) were repaired on Saturday, March 12. The blue diamond was repaired on March 22.”

Screen shot of methane leak map from April 9, showing leaks having been fixed near Golden Hill Elementary School. The above map shows new leaks identified as a result of recent methane mapping.

To view methane leaks in your area go to this website and type in your zip code. To learn more or report a methane leak call at 1-800-427-2200.


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