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Fullerton Heritage presents Local Landmark No. 4: Amerige Brothers Real Estate Office

336 West Commonwealth Avenue

Constructed in 1887 in Anaheim by two German carpenters, then transported to the southwest corner of Spadra Road (Harbor Boulevard) and Commonwealth Avenue, this small office (320-square feet) was originally used by town founders Edward and George Amerige to sell the first land plots in Fullerton.  Because there were no buildings in the newly created townsite, the Amerige Brothers also used the building as a home, employing a stovepipe (since removed) for heat. After the two men moved into the newly constructed Saint George Hotel, the small building was moved to a dozen different locations, including two of the other corners of Spadra and Commonwealth and three different places in Amerige Park.

Amerige Bros. Real Estate office. Photo by Terry Galvin.

The building was used for a variety of other purposes during that time, including another real estate office, a milliner’s shop, a law office, a barber shop, and a laundry.  The realty office has now hopefully made its final move in Amerige Park where it has been restored by Fullerton Heritage and through the efforts and donations of many local individuals, organizations, and businesses, was completed in 2013.  The building is jointly maintained by Fullerton Heritage and the City.

The vaguely Victorian-styled building reflects the ambitious dreams of the Amerige Brothers and is an important monument to the two men and their role in the development of Fullerton.  The building is one of the few remaining portable land offices constructed to sell lots in new townsites during the 1880s Southern California land boom. In addition to being designated a local landmark, the office is also a California Point of Historical Interest, the only one in the City.  Because of the extensive number of relocations, it is not eligible for National Register listing.