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Methane Map Shows More Spots Due to be Cleaned Up

Recent data on SoCal Gas’s Methane Emissions Map shows new leaks in Fullerton scheduled for clean up, some of which include:

• Corner of Malden & Whiting

• Valencia Mesa near N Richman Knoll

• W. Wilshire a block & half from Harbor Blvd

• N Princeton Ave south of E Chapman Ave

• W Bastanchury Rd at Morelia Ave

Other sites are being monitored, including one at the edge of Hillcrest Park, one at W. Chapman at Euclid, and one on Malvern between Woods and Drake. To view methane leaks in your area visit the SoCal Gas Methane map page and type in your zip code. To learn more or report a methane leak call 1-800-427-2200.