Observing Fullerton Episode #22: Professor ChorSwang Ngin

Today, Urooj sits down with ChorSwang Ngin, a semi-retired professor of anthropology at California State University, Los Angeles. Ngin is an award-winning applied sociocultural anthropologist with expertise relating to issues of culture and ethnicity, focusing on Asia and North America. On top of her many accomplishments, Professor Ngin is also the author of Identities on Trial in the United States, an informative book about her experiences working with asylum seekers from Asia and the many unheard stories she has picked up along the way.

Urooj Naveed interviews professor ChorSwang Ngin. Photo by Jackson Henry.

The Observing Fullerton podcast includes headlines concerning the latest happenings in Fullerton followed by an interview with a local person doing prominent work in the community ranging from the areas of politics to education to small businesses to art and more. This episode was hosted by Urooj Naveed. It was filmed and edited by Jackson Henry.

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