Community Voices

Apartment Fire Before Christmas

Photo by Jere Greene

On Saturday, December 17th, just a week before Christmas Eve residents of fourteen units found themselves unable to stay in their apartments. A fire at the Vine Fullerton Apartments that are located near Orangethorpe and Magnolia consumed seven garages and totally destroyed another five vehicles that were parked in carports across the roadway. Six residential units were physically damaged by the fire while another eight had no utilities.

The Red Cross Disaster Action Team was interviewing those affected and arranging resources to help them over the weekend. They will be further assisted on Monday when case workers will follow up with longer term recovery support.

Unfortunately this is a familiar response for the Red Cross, but occurring just before Christmas makes it harder to deal with for everyone involved.

21 emergency vehicles provided a mutual aid response from the surrounding area to assure the fire was rapidly contained. The Fire Inspector is still investigating the cause of the fire.

If you would like to help the families effected by this fire you can specify that donations to Red Cross go to help Vine Fullerton Apartment fire victims.

Photo by Jere Greene