Local Government

City Council December 20 Meeting: Newest Councilmember Shana Charles Starts Her Term

This was the first meeting after the inauguration of Councilmember Shana Charles. Dr. Charles is an Associate Professor of Public Health at California State University Fullerton and got elected in the 2022 midterm elections to District 3.

Councilmember Charles started strong by expressing dissent at throwing out the mayoral rotation policy at the last meeting. In her report at this meeting, she explained to the audience that she has started working with the city staff on various issues. Some of them include discussion over usage of the blank billboard off the CA 57 Freeway, improvement of the Target area off the CA 57 Freeway, installation of a barrier between the CA 57 Freeway and the campus/apartment buildings, and improving the East Fullerton Little League fields with the help of parent volunteers.

Furthermore, she mentioned being in conversation with former Councilmember and Mayor Jesus Silva about starting work on a ‘grieving garden’ for the thousands of lives lost to COVID-19 and fentanyl overdoses in Fullerton. She hopes to create a space for the community to come together and grieve the great losses suffered in the past two years.