‘Day of Music Fullerton’ and the Fox Theatre Move Together into 2023 and Beyond

The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation takes over the ‘Day of Music Fullerton’ organization and will produce the event in the future.

Since its formation and the first celebration of the “Day of Music” (or Fête de la Musique as they say in France) in 2015 the Day of Music Fullerton (DOMF) organization has been managed by passionate, local Fullertonians who love their town, music, and desire to bring the community together for another great event Fullerton is known for. But after eight years and particularly after covid, the all-volunteer group had taken it about as far as it could go with 2019 being the high-water mark for the organization having over 40 venues with 150 musical performances.
Following the successful 2022 event that was surprisingly pulled off on short notice, the organization decided to approach the board of the Fox Theatre to take over the management of the event with them staying on as volunteers to produce the event every year for the community. The Fox board unanimously agreed and in late 2022, the DOMF organization was dissolved with the Fox agreeing to carry the torch into the future.
“Our group and volunteers are so excited to be part of the Fox Theatre project,” says Day of Music Fullerton Board Member and President, Jen Strbac, “We always considered the Fox to be the future home of the event and now we’ll be working together to keep the Day of Music Fullerton tradition going and growing”
For the Fox Theatre organization, DOMF will be a great event to start showcasing one aspect of what a finished Fox Theatre will be producing: quality and diverse musical entertainment for all audiences. It will also have the Fox leading the Fullerton connection to the Make Music Alliance in New York City who oversees Make Music Day (or Day of Music) events all over the world and their relationship with the National Association of Music Merchants and their “NAMM Show” held every winter at the Anaheim Convention Center. Every year when the NAMM Show comes to Orange County they are looking for unique, quality venues to host their musical artists and business-to-business parties. The Fox Fullerton will be high on that list.
“All music genres will be a big part of the Fox when it’s completed and leading the “Day of Music Fullerton” tells the world we’re committed to supporting musicians” says Fox Board Member and President, Brian Newell, “Strategically, it puts the Fox Fullerton in front of the entire music industry now with the Make Music Alliance and NAAM Foundation as we plan on bringing all those NAMM parties and visitors from Anaheim to downtown Fullerton in the future”.
With the two groups coming together, there will be streamlining and efficiencies with tasks like accounting, insurance, marketing and promotion, and event production committee falling under one organization. The DOMF group will now operate as a committee under the FHTF.
The 2023 Day of Music Fullerton will be held on June 21st, 2023 in the downtown museum plaza and around Fullerton. The Fox will be producing the downtown event and assisting other organizations who would like to be part of DOMF. There will not be any DOMF shows at the Fox as it is currently in the middle of Phase 2 construction.
Businesses who are interested in sponsoring the event or hosting a venue can contact: Todd Huffman
About The Fox Fullerton: The Fox Fullerton is a 1925 “Courtyard Theatre” that was built by Fullerton’s first mayor, Charles Chapman, and his son. It was closed in 1987 and was purchased in 2005 by the non-profit organization the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation, saving it from the wrecking ball. It is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Over $14 million has been put into the project and recently a $2.5 million grant from the State of California with Assembly Member, Sharon Quirk-Silva leading the campaign in Sacramento is being put into the current Phase 2 of the project. When the Fox is completed it will be an entertainment venue with live music, dance, films, and community events.