Fullerton Water District

City Council Notes

February 7 Meeting

Outgoing Board/Commission/Committee Member Recognition Awards

Thank you for your service to the Fullerton community

Ann Sim, David Robinson, Mark Shapiro, Adelle Haskell, Ellen Ballard, Aisha Bussani, Brian Yanity, Lynn Lauderdale, Maureen Ali, Enrique Masai, Raphael Avilla, and Vince Buck

Student Speakers of America

Kayla Nguyen, co-founder of Student Speakers of America received certificates of recognition from the City of Fullerton and California’s State Assembly for Student Speakers of America’s impact on the community.



National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Captain Jose Arana accepted a recognition award from the City of Fullerton and a certificate of appreciation from OC Supervisors office for a successful Gun Buy Back Event.

Community meeting

Safe and Sane Fireworks Sales for 2023

Fullerton voters reinstated the sale, possession, and discharge of safe and sane fireworks within City limits on November 6, 2012, and re-affirmed the sale of safe and sane fireworks on November 3, 2020. A report was presented in the 2022 Safe and Sane Fireworks Sales Annual Report and seeks approval of the 2023 fireworks sales timeline recommending: 1. Receive and file the 2022 Safe and Sane Fireworks Sales Annual Report. 2. Confirm the timeline for the 2023 fireworks sales application process. The City will begin accepting applications for fireworks sales beginning in March. Applicants must be registered and a nonprofit in good standing. Fifteen applicants will be selected by lottery in April.

Communications and Reports

Councilmember Dr. Shana Charles reported that she sat in a meeting with Congressman Lou Correa for the Small Business Administration at Cal State Fullerton and wanted to let people know that if they are establishing a small business in Fullerton they can utilize city resources or federal resources such as small business loans, payroll assistance, or free business consulting. Charles thanked the constituents that have reached out to her, saying that she understands it is a little difficult having a new councilmember and new phone number to reach her and spoke about her office hours, Thursdays 12-2 pm, where she will be open to the public for any comments.

Councilmember Nick Dunlap responded to the comments about the OCPA and said that “there are several issues and concerns, “I think at this point, we should reevaluate this relationship and see if there isn’t room for a potential change and I would hope to get this item on the agenda for a future discussion.”

Councilmember Ahmad Zahra thanked Chief Robert Dunn for spearheading the winter shelter, “[Dunn] did a great job spearheading this, and it is now in operation in Independence Park. I wish we had it sooner because the weather is warming up a bit.” He directed staff to find a permanent location for a winter shelter next year. Zahra agreed with Dunlap and said he would happily second his request for a reevaluation of the OCPA relationship, as the council has not been updated on their work and has relied on hearsay and the press for their information.

Mayor Pro Tem Whitaker said he had nothing to report but wanted to commend the Bears Junior All-American Football and Cheer for their spirited pledge of allegiance.

Traffic Safety Initiatives Update

Public Works Department on Traffic Engineering manages 154 signals across Fullerton, working on traffic signal timing in partnership with the OCTA, Police Department, School District, and residents. City staff consists of one full-time engineer, Jeffery Chinchilla, and an assistant. The City also contracts with LLG Engineering and City Traffic Engineer Dave Roseman.

  • The first initiative is that traffic signals will now have a 1 to 2-second all-red interval where all lights are red to clear the intersection, making intersections safer.
  • The second initiative is to install 500 pedestrian countdown indicators adding additional time for pedestrians to cross.
  • The third initiative is the installation of all new or modified limit line detectors to detect bicycles. It provides a longer green time for a bike to get through an intersection. All three initiatives will extend the cycle length of intersections and these implementations will make the City safer.

Street and intersection lighting improvements will begin to be implemented throughout Fullerton in the next four months, but the plan must be in place to apply for the Federal Grant to fund it.

Several residents commented about bicycle safety, and the time it takes for older people to cross.

City Hall Gets Solar

This project is anticipated to save approximately $2M over the 25-year life of the project and is intended to establish and replace critical infrastructure equipment. The new shade structures will be similar to the one in place at the Library and cover the four rows of parking in the middle of the lot. Solar panels installed on the canopy will connect to City Hall to help offset building power consumption. EV charging stations will also be installed: five dual stations.

Tentative Agenda for February 21 City Council

Item 7. CREDIT CARD FEE STRUCTURE This item considers changing the credit card fee structure. There are several options including passing all fees on to the consumer for a savings of $395,000 annually.

Item 8. 2023 LEGISLATIVE PLATFORM This is essentially a list of legislative policy proposals and budget items that the City wants to support or oppose. It also includes special dedicated funding just for Fullerton. This is an update to the 2022 Legislative Platform and lists only 12 items, some new, some modified and one deleted. If you think that there is something that the City should support, oppose or ask for, now is the time to speak up. Full agenda Here.

Upcoming City Meetings in Council Chambers 303 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton

  • February 21 at 5:30pm: City Council
  • February 22 at 5pm: Active Transportation
  • February 23 at 6pm: Library Board
  • February 28 at 6:30pm: Community Development Citizens’ Committee
  • March 1 at 6:30pm: Planning Commission
  • March 6 at 4pm: Transportation & Circulation
  • March 13 at 6:30pm: Parks and Recreation
  • April 10 at 5:30pm: Cultural Arts Subcommittee


  • District 1: Fred Jung Mayor (714) 738-6311 fred.jung@cityoffullerton.com
  • District 2: Nick Dunlap Council (714) 738-6311 nicholas.dunlap@cityoffullerton.com
  • District 3: Shana Charles Council (714) 738-6311 shana.charles@cityoffullerton.com
  • District 4: Bruce Whitaker ProTem (714) 981-8474 bwwhitaker@live.com
  • District 5: Ahmad Zahra Council (714) 738-6311 AhmadZ@cityoffullerton.com