Amy Chung Awarded Elementary Teacher of the Year

Amy Chung, a teacher at Maple School, was awarded the Region 11 California League of Educators Elementary Teacher of the Year. Ms. Chung was nominated for her dedication to her students and her ability to make a difference.

The California League of Educators Educator of the Year award is given annually to California elementary, middle, and high school educators who exemplify academic excellence. As the nominee selected to represent Region 11, which includes Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Ms. Chung was honored at the California League of Educators Conference held in Monterey, California, earlier this month as the California League of Educators Elementary Teacher of the Year.

To nab the top spot for Region 11, Ms. Chung shared the most important lesson for her as an educator for over 14 years, the power of being seen and represented is immeasurably impactful. Ms. Chung spoke about her childhood experiences and the jabs she received about her eyes, name, and the foods she ate. She integrated these experiences into her lessons as an educator, striving to ensure that all students are seen. Ms. Chung expressed her appreciation for Maple School Principal Anthony Abney for highlighting the positive contributions to the success of this country.

In addition to recognizing other cultures, Ms. Chung has shared her Asian American culture with students. This included sharing a showcase of books highlighting Asian culture and working with the parents at Maple School to bring in lion dancers and a dragon to celebrate the Lunar New Year allowing students to experience the vibrance of the culture. The excitement and energy shared by the students through this experience brought a fullness in her heart that can’t be expressed in words. Ms. Chung said, “cultural shifts can happen, and they can happen within one generation.” Ms. Chung believes that being represented and seen develops pride in students and allows them to celebrate and empathize with others.

Mr. Abney said, “Ms. Chung embodies Maple’s values of high expectations, cultural significance and representation, and high quality/caring teaching. All her students and colleagues love her because she develops strong relationships and approaches all she does with a full heart. We are very proud of her accomplishment!”

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