Downtown Report Mid-April 2023

New In town

So much to do with the old and the new. Framing is taking place, and some classic decorative items from Mo’s Fullerton Music have taken up residence at the new digs on Commonwealth and Raymond. Yes, you can still take music lessons. You can see where the new lesson spaces are in the photo on left. There is plenty of parking in the back.

The interior of Lagos Mexican, our newest downtown restaurant, is incredible. They have put enormous emphasis on every detail, with carved wood, an actual tree in the bar area (not kidding), lots of stonework, brass, and so on. We will go back soon and see how close they are to opening and will find out when they will start on the Brazilian restaurant that will be next door. SoCo is expanding, and the favorites remain.





Also, Qamaria Coffee at 229 West Commonwealth is now open and serving highly regarded Yemeni coffee, which has been hard to find in these parts until now. It is unique and very flavorful, so they already have some regulars and even get busy after sundown. We finally found out what would happen to the lot directly across Commonwealth- Azmi, the owner of Quamari, purchased it for parking. Great news.





What did George Fullerton do for downtown?

We were just made aware of some ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence generated) information circulating regarding the founding of Fullerton and the involvement of George Fullerton. George was not a developer here in Fullerton, but he was the President of the Pacific Land and Improvement Company, a Santa Fe subsidiary. He was also a surveyor sent to Orange County to purchase land for the railroad right of way. George and Edward Amerige, speculators who had purchased 430 acres in and around what would become downtown Fullerton, along with a grateful community, decided to name the town after George Fullerton. After all, George had decided to run the tracks through here, which made Fullerton a boom town soon after the founding on July 5, 1887. On the left is an unusual map that you may not have seen before. Heading to Los Angeles? Take Imperial Highway all the way, like my very young Dad did while riding with his Dad way back when. Wow, check out that huge city of Yorba Linda, big as LA. The mapmaker must have wanted everyone to think so. As has been said, you believe what you want to believe.


Flea in Fullerton

It has been said that the original Flea Market was so named after the French term marche aux puces an outdoor bazaar in Paris, France because old, upholstered furniture brought out for sale was said to be infested with fleas. Don’t worry, don’t flee; none of that will be at the spring cleaning sale at our Fullerton Museum Center on Saturday, April 22, from 10 am-4 pm. Instead, rummage through the offerings in safety. You will be supporting our local museum and vendors. Brian tells us there is even a beer garden. See you all there.

Metzger Artiste/Artist

Steve Metzger has been seen and heard in our downtown for some time. Surely you have caught him recently at The Bowery or Bourbon Street. But he also finds time to sit still long enough to be one of our most revered artists on canvas. You can now see an exhibit of his works at Pilgrim’s Coffee at 124 West Wilshire. They are open daily from 8 am-6 pm. You can stop by for one of their Friday jazz nights, too. Check with them for dates. Steve’s paintings will be there until further notice, and some new ones may be swapped out from time to time, but why wait? Get over there soon.