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Statement from Fred Jung, Orange County Power Authority Board Chair

In just a few short years, the Orange County Power Authority has gone from one city’s vision to a fully operational community choice energy provider serving approximately 240,000 residential and commercial customers in four Orange County communities.

Launching service just one year ago, OCPA is delivering on its promise to provide customers with renewable energy at competitive rates to address climate change. In fact, OCPA now offers the Basic Choice 38% renewable energy plan at the cost of 2% less than SCE’s equivalent generation rates.

While OCPA is financially strong, with tens of millions of dollars in reserves, and operationally sound, the Board of Directors has made the decision to begin a search for a new CEO. The Board is committed to working together throughout the executive search process to select a CEO who will lead OCPA into the next phase of its growth.

The Board appreciates Brian Probolsky’s dedication and service in building an organization that is having a positive environmental impact on the region. His final day with OCPA will be at the end of May. The Board will announce an interim CEO in the coming days.

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  1. Press Releases are usually written by knowledgable staff and/or PR professionals and approved by the official(s) involved. All media outlets get them. Some media outlets “accidentally forget” to notify the public that the item is a press release but that does not mean that it is plagiarized by the media outlets that do notify the public – or necessarily the official. The process is sort of similar to a presidential speechwriter.

  2. LA Times, Register, and other media groups including Observer – all get press releases – some “accidentally” print them without revealing that fact.

  3. Aw, Fred. You plagarized that from the LA Times, and you abstained from the vote to terminate him.