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  1. What gall to post an article featuring Kelly Thomas face before it was beaten in by Fullerton police. In July 2011, Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by six Fullerton police officers . The brother of the then current editor and daughter of founder of this newspaper, Ralph Kennedy, Sharon Kennedy buried this story in the third page of her 15 page newspaper and titled it a downtown altercation because her brother , Rusty Kennedy, was then CEO of the Orange County Human Relations Commission. Instead of protecting public from civil rights abuses commited upon them by law enforcement, Rusy’s guidance of this commission turned it away from its original intent and made it a tool for Orange County’s law enforcement. Rusty snitched to the police when persons came to him compalining about police abuses committed upon them. When Kelly Thomas murdered, Fullerton Police Chief McKinley called in Rusty to pacify the outraged public. Rusty proceeded to publically blame Kelly Thomas death on the public’s “indifference ” to Kelly Thomas being homeless. This article makes a mockery of Kelly Thomas murder.

    • Carl, the notification poster came from organizers of the event. The rest of your rant is garbage. You are obviously not an Observer reader or you would know the paper did extensive minute by minute coverage of the horrendous killing of Kelly Thomas and the protests that followed beginning on the front page into full spreads over numerous issues and years. Rusty Kennedy and the OC Human Relations were instrumental in studying the lack of humane homeless services in our town. The citizen committee formed made recommendations for what was needed but never suggested the Kelly Thomas murder by police was justified or put blame on the public indifference. So, you are wrong.

  2. Only fools would create and promote a poster/event with photos which compare the Kelly Thomas case to the Jordan Neely case. Kelly Thomas was killed by undisciplined police officers who deserved serious punishment.

    Jordan Neely, a proven danger to vulnerable citizens, was stopped by an untrained, Good Samaritan, forced to make a split-second decision. There was never an intent to harm Jordan. Life can be harsh.

  3. Oh? You mean the Jordan Neely that was threatening people on the subway and making comments like “[he] wasn’t afraid to die”? The Jordan Neely that had been arrested 40 times in the past 10 years?

  4. Will this meeting be a safe place, or will there be insane hobos threatinging people and throwing things at us?

  5. Will this be a townhall meeting or some other type of organized gathering? If so, do you have the contact info of who’s putting it together?

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