Fullerton’s First Annual Follies is a Hit Show

Over 100 people showed up for what may be the first of many future Annual Fullerton Senior Follies shows. The production was coordinated by Katie Gobar and the Community Center staff under Aimee Aul’s guidance, along with Samantha Guerrero, Cali Gomez, and Kairuel Cenabre, who were all instrumental in the event’s success. The event was sponsored by Providence, Parks & Recreation, the Lions Club, and Rosary Academy.

The Fullerton Follies, a talent show consisting of 28 acts by seniors from Fullerton and the surrounding area, was presented by Parks & Recreation on May 19th at the Community Center. The master of ceremony was Lew Dentler. Acts featured in photos included: Korean Drummer Team K-Nanta USA, Fullerton Senior Center Group Hula, The Jammers, a musical group consisting of drums, piano, saxophone, trumpet, and guitar, Jerry Hoggard, Jambalaya & Cumbia Semana, Swing Dance, Alma Gamez, Laura Atkisson, Stephen Hata, Carlos Gamez, Ladies of the Oasis Belly Dancing, Emma Goa, Buena Park Korean Dancers, Fransisco Garcia, Hope Galvez, Freddie House, Tom Ireland, Eileen Hoggard, Tricia La Comare-Pelz, Cheryl Bartlett, and the Golden Girls Trio.