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NOCCCD Board Trustee Bent is trying to ban the PRIDE flag

The majority of community college districts in California have re-affirmed the right to fly the Pride flag. Irvine Valley, South Orange, San Diego, Long Beach, San Joaquin Delta, and many others proudly fly the PRIDE flag. Fullerton would be the only CA Community College District to ban the Pride flag, which provides “a symbol of hope and safety” to many students and especially LGBTQ+ students.
“After the OC Board of Supervisors vote to ban the Pride flag, we’re disappointed to see this resolution on the agenda for Tuesday, July 25,” said one professor.
Supporters of the ban proposal say it’s all about being neutral, but the Pride flag is a symbol of diversity, equity, and inclusion, not a political or religious statement. There is nothing neutral about silencing an entire community that has historically been denied the right to exist.

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  1. No. Just no. This is WHOLLY foul and heartless.

    I am an American citizen by birth-right; and am proud to be American. HOWEVER, the US Flag does NOT represent safety/inclusion to me. The PrideFlag, however, does. In the ’80’s, we had VincentChin; and recently, a STRING of anti-AAPI hate crimes. Despite being an American citizen, I have to PERPETUALLY :PROVE: that I am an American, with micro-aggressions hurled at me such as, “No, where are you REALLY from?”

    But the PrideFlag? The PrideFlag, to me, says, “It’s cool. You don’t have to talk or look like us. You can sit with us.”

    Please, stop the non-sequitur arguments that are wholly absurd. Bottom line is, this is a PublicSafety/PublicHealth issue, and the children and students NEED to be protected. The simply act of flying the PrideFlag has DIRECT CAUSATIVE effects on DECREASING suicide rates.

  2. I signed a petition on Action Network telling The NOCCCD Board of Trustees to Stop the ban on the Pride Flag .

    An elected member of the North Orange County Board of Trustees is working to pass a motion to ban our district from flying LBGTQ+ Pride Flag. We must stand with our LBGTQ students, staff and community members. Everyone deserves to feel welcome on our campuses. No ban on the pride flag!

    Can you join me and take action? Click here:


    Prof. Gary Graves