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Update: Kim’s Attempts to Find Legal Representation to Stay in Their Home

Update: Kim’s Attempts to Find Legal Representation to Stay in Their Home

Many calls have been made, but few have been answered, and time is running out as the August 31st court date for the demand of over $12,800 in Rancho Fullerton Mobilehome attorney fees looms for the Kims in their fight to stay in their home.

Community Legal Aid did call back, but the representative said in a Tuesday, August 8th call that their lawyers could only help after the park sends the Kims an eviction notice. They can not help with Notices of Termination, Demands for Fees, or Injunction Appeals. For that kind of help, the Kims – or anyone in their position – must, if they have the money, hire an attorney, or if they don’t, find an attorney to take the case pro-bono. So far, no pro-bono attorney has stepped up, and those called have not yet returned calls.

Can there be justice for this elderly couple or anyone in their position? Stay tuned.

The Kim Story Update: Rancho Fullerton vs. Elderly Mobilehome Park Homeowners

Will Rancho Fullerton Mobilehome Park manager Andrea West and park owner Susan James Denton rescind their 60-Day Termination Notice now that the Kims have completed a brand new list of “violations?”

As seen in the before and after photos, the Kims have removed the arbor over the front door because the endangered birds nesting there have flown off. That item was the only remaining item not remedied before the park took the couple to court on June 15 for alleged violations. Removal of the arbor was delayed at the court hearing by Judge Cramin due to a California Fish & Wildlife order to wait until the nesting birds had vacated the nest.

No one knows if the Kims’ time-stamped photos showing no other violations were ever seen by the judge, who relied instead on non-time-stamped photos taken during construction months before and submitted as “recent” by park attorney Gregory Beam.

Also seen in the after photo is the absence of the flower garden boxes Mr. Kim had constructed on each side of the porch steps. This item was added to a new list of alleged violations included in the park’s 60-Day Termination Notice sent to the Kims on July 14, along with a demand to pay the attorney $12,800 (thousand) in fees. Also in that letter was the threat that if the Kims chose to fight to stay, more money would be added to the bill.

Judge Cramin will have the chance to realize the park officials have misled him about the condition of the property, question the enormous attorney fees, and reverse his original order for the couple to fix violations that had already been remedied – at the next hearing coming up at the end of August.

Rancho Fullerton management’s harassment of elderly homeowners is not new. For example, Cathy Borowiec, who sold the Kims their home in May 2022, took the park to court for wrongful eviction and harassment and won her case in October 2021. She said the park had tried unsuccessfully to pressure her to sell the mobile home to them. This is not a new tactic as those in Rancho La Paz can attest.

The Kims said they were very grateful to Fullerton Mayor Jung for sending his friend Tony Bushala to help deconstruct the arbor and flower beds. Stay tuned for what many hope will be a happy outcome to this ongoing saga.

Mobile home owners who are having similar problems are invited to contact the Fullerton Observer at 714-525-6402.

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  1. Observer bogeyman Tony Bushala helped somebody? No way. He’s trying to buy Fullerton. Again. And again.