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Union Pacific Trail Protest

Update: More community members take a stand for the $1.78 million grant to be used for its intended purpose of Union Pacific Trail Phase II.

People Above Things (PAT) student group organized a protest on September 19, which took place at 5 pm at Harbor Blvd and Commonwealth Ave in Fullerton. Their goal was to advocate for the preservation of the Urban Greening Grant Program, specifically for Union Pacific Trail Phase II.

Despite a recent Council majority vote against the project on August 15, PAT believes that there is still an opportunity for the community to support the initiative, which seeks to create a 0.5-mile multi-use pedestrian and bicycle trail, connecting different parts of the city, enhancing greenery with tree planting and shrubs, incorporating water capture features, and expanding walking space in Fullerton. Phase II of this project builds upon the completion of a prior segment (Phase I) in 2006, with funding from a $1.78 million Urban Greening Grant.

A newly established group, PAT, which stands for People Above Things, is encouraging Fullerton residents to participate in their protest, urging the city to proceed with the Union Pacific Trail Phase II and further enhance the community’s outdoor recreational and green spaces. Their initiative paid off, as the turnout for the protest was massive, with a large population of protesters who were able to voice their opinions at the City Council meeting, which took place on September 19.

Community support is needed. Future protests at each City Council are planned. Make your voice heard at the protest or write to the city council majority at:

District 1: Fred Jung (714) 738-6311

District 2: Nick Dunlap (714) 738-6311

District 4: Bruce Whitaker (714) 981-8474

Only one of the City Council Majority shown above that voted to use the money for some undisclosed project needs to ask to bring the issue back for discussion and then to make a new vote.

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  1. Sharon Kennedy is using the word interesting to thinly veil a slanderous accusation. Interesting is neither your comment or your newsletter.

  2. The Levine Act amendment SB 1439 that kicked in Jan 2023 prohibits a council member from voting on a matter affecting a party that had contributed $250 or more to them in the past year. Interesting because Fullerton Mayor Jung received $4,900 each in campaign contributions from each George and Tony Bushala on Nov. 9, 2022 a day after the election. Bushala owns 30% of the property next to the trail and is opposed to the trail. He hasn’t revealed his plan even though asked.

  3. It is clear that the trail is what the community wants. I am proud of Fullertonians for standing up for what they need and for holding their elected officials accountable.