Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva Convenes Select Committee Informational Hearing on Orange County Chronic Homelessness & Mental Health Services

WHAT:                      Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton), along with members of the Assembly Select Committee on Orange County Chronic Homelessness and Mental Health Services, are holding an informational hearing entitled Addressing the Homelessness and Mental Health Crisis in Orange County, bringing together agencies, service providers, and local communities in addressing the ongoing homelessness and mental health crisis in Orange County.

WHO:                        Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) Members of the Assembly Select Committee on Orange County Chronic Homelessness and Mental Health Services Representatives from state and county agencies, local nonprofits, and service providers. Other local Elected Officials, schedule permitting.

WHEN:                      Tuesday, October 24, 2023, 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

WHERE:                   Buena Park Community Center, 6688 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA, 90621

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  1. Look, when a person can pull contracts ansd find over 1.1 million in funds paid for and after land conveyances (which means our fearless leaders have given away public resources) and the items paid for still remain unbuilt and no one gives a darn! It is a sad sad day! The issue is NOT funding. The ISSUE is the public falls for the bashing of the homeless in the meantime your tax fund base is walking right out the back door!!!

    As if we are not just as concerned or have familiy homes and children who are having this hoisted upon thier backs for generations! Think again!

    Not every person who is homeless is abusing the system. Not every person with mental health issues had thier brain fall out of thier head with the on-set of an illness—-We are NOT the cause, it is just easy to distract you and you fall for it every time!

  2. While I think her heart is in the right place, we’ve had enough hearings, committees, programs, bills,and other helpings of bureaucratic hot air for decades. Here’s a revolutionary idea: Let’s get rid of the middle-crats, _and just give the money to poor people_?!?

    Yes, I’m talking about a Universal Basic Income! Oh, I can hear the howling from The Horsey Set and the gated community right now! Hey, people, aren’t you tired of YOUR precious tax money being shot down the sewer on a crazy patchwork quilt of NPO’s, state, county and local iterations of same that never seem to fix the situation?

    It’s time for the 1% to pay their fair share, institute a tax code like we had at the end of WW2, and look for some fresh approaches! Denmark, Norway and Sweden don’t have this problem, and neither did we until the rich bought Congress.

    Let’s get out of the rut!

  3. The paisano politicians in the California toilet need to be flushed. Sharon Quirk-Silva and other people with her mindset do not really care about the homeless crisis, let alone the opioid street dealers.