Harassment UnChecked at Fullerton College

I am writing this letter anonymously so that my identity will not be exposed. I am a current student at the college and have been attending for around two and a half years now, give or take.

Sexual harassment and racism is still an ongoing issue within the school.


Many women do not feel comfortable walking around the campus even in broad daylight because of rampant sexual assault and abuse by losers who use our social freedoms to indulge in misogynistic behaviors.


Complaints of neo nazis, white nationalist propaganda, and religious extremism have been repeatedly ignored even though these individuals are clearly visible on the campus and terrorize the school in and out of the classroom. Far too many professors either actively ignore or subtly encourage this behavior themselves by participating in the intimidation or downplaying it as a case of ‘immaturity’ or simply ‘the way things are’. Having an open campus does not mean that students should be subjected to abuse or prejudice of any kind on the basis of one’s skin color, sexual orientation, or gender.


I believe that the college can do better, and that many of those who don’t fear for their behavior should be held accountable for their actions. It isn’t enough to have only a quota of minorities or the ‘token’ faculty member to skirt around the issue of diversity. Paying lip service to ‘progressive’ ideals will change nothing unless everyone, on some level, does their best to encourage this growth and follows this path with not just their mind but their heart.


The administration should stop protecting professors who abuse their tenure to push their own political agendas onto their students. If a professor has been reported consistently for racism, inappropriate sexual advances, or for failing to properly educate their students, there should be some form of repercussions for their actions. There should be no favoritism of any kind, or fear of these educators being ‘exposed’ to the media for abusing their power. Power is earned, not given just by privilege of being hired or earning a degree. Professors should be hired on the basis of not just their education or ‘who they know’, but on what they can bring to the table to enrich the campus and stimulate ideas. Nepotism is rife in the administration and this should not be the heritage of Fullerton College.


Anonymous Fullerton

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