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Beginning of Save the Fox Theater

Congratulations on the Observer’s 40th Anniversary (1978-2018)!!!   If you’ll allow me some personal nostalgia, I remember Chuck introducing me to your parents sometime late in 1977 (when we first started hanging out) and then the year the Observer was “born”  Chuck and I were married at First Pres on Euclid in October 🙂 so I guess “it was a very good year”(can’t you just hear Old Blues crooning??? corny, I know but I couldnt resist:)

Re: the Fox blurb, just wanted to clarify/add in some important additional info regarding  the  the volunteer organization/founding of the Fox Historic Theatre Foundation; both Chuckie and Jane were the two individuals who got the ball rolling, so it’s appropriate to refer to them as co-founders of the Foundation.  I remember the 2 of them initially meeting here at  “Villa d’Este” (Chuck’s studio– sorry, really don’t harbor delusions of grandeur, just trying to make a tiny joke haha;) for 4-5 months before bringing in other people equally committed to saving the theatre.   So I would greatly appreciate it if you could publish something to that effect in the next issue of the paper:)

Thanks again for keeping your parents’ legacy alive through this one-of-kind community newspaper; hope all is well with you and yours.


Nancy Bliss Estes Fullerton


ED: We remember Chuck Estes letter in the Observer that kicked the whole Save the Fox campaign off.

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