Fullerton College – Unsafe for Republicans

I was a student at Fullerton College and find the campus I knew unrecognizable from the description included in the letter published last edition (Harassment Unchecked at Fullerton College E. Feb 2019). If anything, the problems that exist are not even mentioned in the letter. Most of the professors I had wore their progressive credentials as a badge of honor and accepted no deviation from the party line.

I had the unfortunate timing of attending during the 2016 presidential election as a conservative Republican. There was no question that not only was my kind not welcome, but they didn’t even expect my kind on campus. My political science professor spent most classes railing against not only Trump but anyone who could possibly support him. We were slandered as racists, idiots, and clearly mere sheep who hated everyone else. Criticizing a woman candidate was clear evidence that we hated all women.

It was bad enough when Trump was dismissed as a loser who could never win. The day after the election, when I expect humility for being wrong, I was faced with hostility. My professor, paid with my tax dollars to provide an education, was proudly and defiantly wearing a t-shirt that read “F**K Trump”. I was shocked and appalled, but knew that my complaints would be dismissed. He threw out the lesson plan and led a therapy session for the class where they predicted a dystopia path for our country. Students proudly posed for pictures with him and he reveled in the attention. I suggested that we should give the president-elect a chance before we condemned him. The professor turned the class against me and used his position to berate me and make me feel unsafe.

There shouldn’t be a litmus test to be a student and professors should check their partisanship at the classroom door. This culture extends far beyond the classroom. The next semester I wore a red Make America Great Again hat on campus and the reaction in the quad was as if I’d worn a sheet and hood from the KKK. Students pointed and made comments as I passed and a professor told me I wasn’t allowed to wear the hat because it was the same as “hate speech”. I asked how anyone could interpret hate from a hat, but got no response. I decided that college clearly wasn’t a place for a Republican and left that day never to return.

Hornet without a home

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  1. Thats to be expected from entitled people who don’t fund their own educations, and are “forever students”, majoring in subjects that don’t translate into jobs. It’s funny they accused you of being a racist, when they’re part of the racist vibe in down town fullerton. Be glad you got away from these leaches, and explored the real world.

  2. I agree with the professor that Trump followers are uninformed and ignore the obvious bigotry associated with Trump and the MAGA hat…but I also agree with you that a college class is not the place to push those beliefs, and especially not make you feel unwelcome. I’m glad Orange County has turned away from conservative ideology and so long as no one attempted to physically harm you, it’s freedom of speech how people react to your shortsighted hat.

    • If you are still a Democrat or support the Democrat party in November 2019…you are a fucking brainwashed idiot. That is all.