Woodcrest Park Groundbreaking February 19

The City of Fullerton will be hosting a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the long-awaited improvements at Woodcrest Park, 440 W. Orangethorpe Ave., next to Woodcrest School in Fullerton. The ceremony begins at 3:30pm, Tuesday, February 19.

Construction on the park is expected to be completed by fall of this year. Woodcrest Park, founded in 1959,  is a 3-acre park with a City & School District shared Joint Use Agreement in place.

Neighborhood requests to renovate the park began many years ago by a neighborhood group and were boosted for a short time in 2013 by participation of an ad-hoc committee of the Woodcrest Community Group, and the Fullerton Women’s Club,  which raised money for playground equipment. For reasons unclear the project was put on-hold by the city until recently.

For more information about the project contact Doug Pickard, city parks project specialist at 714-738-3330.


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