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Fire at Fox Theater

A plume of smoke could be seen around 9:00am Sat, Feb 23rd at the corner of Chapman and Harbor in downtown Fullerton. It looked like a well-fed, out-of-control fire at the east exterior of the Fox Theater. A strong burning smell permeated the area. Fire and police crews responded quickly.

Above: Fire and police crews responded to a fire at the Fox     – photo by Matt Karaffa

Above:  The plume of smoke from what looks to be the source area of the fire at the back of the Fox at 9:04am. -photo by Arthur Gonzales

Above: Firefighters accessed the roof. – photo by Matt Karaffa

Fire crews entered through the front Tea Room area of the Fox building at the Harbor side while others climbed the firetruck ladder to the roof in the back to make sure the fire had not spread inside.

It looked as though the fire started outside the back of the theater because of the scorch mark on the east outer wall. Fire crews had the fire out quickly and were busy wrapping things up by 9:30am.

Thank you Fullerton Fire!

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  1. Saw it driving by this morning and called it in to police, as did dozens of others. Wonder if it was intentional, electrical or what?

  2. So glad the fire dept. got it out fast and there was not too much damage.
    Thank you Fullerton FD