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Is There a Place for Cannabis in Fullerton’s Future?

On Monday, May 6th, local community group Neighbors United for Fullerton (NUFF) will host a community forum entitled “Is There a Place for Cannabis in Fullerton’s Future?” from 6:45-8:30pm at the Fullerton Public Library (353 W. Commonwealth Ave.)

The forum will consist of a moderated discussion on the prospective merits and challenges posed by cannabis-related industry and activities in the current era of legalized use and distribution.

The forum will feature: Fullerton City Councilmember Ahmad Zahra, Fullerton Police Chief Robert Dunn, and the CEO of Eight88Hospitality Richard Ham.

For more information, e-mail info@nuffpac.org.

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  1. I support the will of the voters, and I support small business! I am a NON-consumer of cannabis, but I believe there is NO downside to issuing licenses to responsible cannabusinesses in Fullerton, and we are falling behind. We WILL be passed up by our neighboring cities who will get the jump on experience, reputation, and revenue. Please consider joining us for a FREE round table discussion about the business of cannabis in Fullerton, Tuesday, May 28th, 7:00-8:30pm, Bootleggers in downtown Fullerton. You may contact me for more information or to send your questions or to RSVP! raye@trailblazersconnect.com, 714-617-2240

  2. info@nuffpac.org is getting a permanent return error. Is this email correct?

    Also, Laura, your response is very reasonable and true. AB 1356 is a bill introduced earlier this year to mandate cannabis retail dispensaries in cities like Fullerton that voted in favor of Prop 64.

    Craig, your reply is reasonable and valid regarding smell. However, legalization of cannabis has nothing to do with legalization of other drugs. Oxycontin has been legally available for a significantly shorter amount of time than cannabis and has already killed 10s of thousands. Also, Fullerton voted in favor of Prop 64 by 51.5%.

  3. The voters in the State if California approved the sale and distribution of legal cannabis. The will of the voter is being circumvented by local municipalities failure to accept and implement availability via licensing. At some point, as has been discussed in Sacramento, municipal authorities may be forced to implement minimum licensing availability. Would it not beneficial to figure out how to make something work that has been approved by voters before you have your back against the wall? California has failed its residents again in the implementation of their will with regards to making safe cannabis available for medicine and personal use.

  4. For many many many years Fullerton has been a historical area catering to prades events in all sorts of things that make Fullerton residents proud live in Fullerton how long is it going to be before other drugs are legalized in okayed what sort of people is that going to bring into the area do the children need to smell marijuana do families that don’t smoke marijuana need to smell marijuana do public events need to be polluted by the smell why do we have to be forced into smelling a substance that a lot of us don’t want to ingest myself I think it would be a terrible idea to ruin what’s been going good for decades people drink and drive all the time and there’s DUIs that’s barely under control. You let people smoke marijuana and do whatever they want next thing you know Fullerton is going to end up like Michigan. Watch out who you cater to Remember Fullerton was created by leaders let’s not be a follower now