Fullerton Water Quality Report & Public Hearing for Water Rate Increase

This year’s annual water quality report, titled “City of Fullerton 2019 Consumer Confidence Report” will be available on July 1, 2019 to anyone who has sent a request to be on the mailing list. Traditionally, customers received the report with their water bill in the mail. But this year customers will have to request the report to receive it in the mail.

To request a copy by mail, call (714) 738-2835 or email LouisG@ci.fullerton.ca.us. You can also pick up a copy at Fullerton City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth or view the report online by visiting http://www.cityoffullerton.com/2019CCR.

The City Water Department provides water to businesses and more than 140,000 residents. The department operates and maintains over 420 miles of water pipes and 67.5 million gallons of water storage to deliver 8 billion gallons of water annually.

Fullerton’s water comes from 2 sources. The water department pumps about 70% from the aquifer managed by the Orange County Water District. The department purchases the remainder from the Metropolitan Water District which imports water from the Colorado River and the Sierra Nevada.

The aging water delivery system, including water mainlines, storage tanks, wells, and pumps, many installed in the 1950s and 60s, are due to be replaced. The aging infrastructure experiences as many as 100 pipeline ruptures per year at a cost of $4,000 to $20,000 per break. Some new wells are also being drilled deeper to avoid industrial pollution seeping into shallow portions of the aquifer.

There will be a public hearing at Fullerton City Hall Tuesday, June 4 at 6:30 pm for a proposed water rate increase over the next 5 years to cover the cost of new facilities, repairs, and maintenance and incorporate a change in which water rates better reflect the cost of providing water. The plan is based on input of a six-person committee with members from the Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee and the Energy Resource Management Committee. Residents are encouraged to attend the hearing to ask questions and voice their support or opposition to the increases. For more information see http://www.cityoffullerton.com/waterratestudy.

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