News From a Passionate Printmaker

The fine art of printmaking (lithography, serigraphy, etching, woodcuts) is astonishingly well-represented in two galleries in Fullerton at the same time.

Fullerton College displays their collection of fine art prints, accumulated over the years from artist in residence programs.  Examples from well known artist such as Wayne Thiebaud, Peter Alexander, Carol Summers and many more.  Plus, Fullerton’s own Florence Arnold serigraphy.  The exhibit includes “tools of the trade”, ie etching plates, etching press, woodcut tools, litho stone, silk screen, ink.

CSUF exhibits their vast print collection in the Begovich Gallery on campus.  This rich collection is a printmakers paradise. There are also photographs of art world celebrities like Frank Gehry, Andy Warhol and more.  Artists fine art prints are represented by Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and so many more!  Our own Florence Arnold hard edge prints are here too.  The gallery will sponsor programs about the collection.

Fullerton College’s exhibit  “Wayzgoose: Prints from the Fullerton College Art Collection” runs through October 7. 321 East Chapman Ave, Bulding 1000.

California State University Fullerton’s exhibit “A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place” runs through December 7. 800 N. St. College Blvd.

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