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Korean War Memorial at Hillcrest Park?

Fullerton City Council voted 5-0 at their November 15 meeting to approve a “memorandum of understanding” (MOU) between the City of Fullerton and the Orange County Korean War Memorial Committee (OCKWMC) regarding their request to place a Korean War Memorial at Hillcrest Park adjacent to the Duck Pond (near Brea Boulevard and Harbor Boulevard).

The MOU would facilitate development of a concept plan and terms for the proposed memorial that would be subject to City Council approval at a later date. The proposed memorial would be the first Korean War Memorial in the United States to commemorate all 34,027 United States Service members that died during the war. Of these losses, 2,611 were from California.

All costs associated with the proposed war memorial, including any changes to the Duck Pond Renovation project as a result of the proposed war memorial, will be covered by the OCKWMC.

City staff will work with OCKWMC to develop a concept plan and terms for the proposed memorial, and will return to City Council at a later date for approval of these items and possible award of construction for the memorial site.

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