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How the Voter’s Choice Act will Affect Orange County Elections

The California primary election has moved from June to March.

Under the Voter’s Choice Act (SB 450, 2016) Orange County elections will be conducted through Vote Centers.

In this model, vote-by-mail ballots will be sent to all registered voters. Polling places will be replaced by Vote Centers and vote-by-mail drop boxes—where anyone may vote anywhere in the county or drop off their ballot at any drop box.

Voters are no longer tied to their local polling place—they can go to any Vote Center anywhere in OC.

Also, voters are no longer tied to one day of voting. Ballot drop boxes will be open 30 days before the election. Some Vote Centers will be open 11 days before the election. The Fullerton Public Library will be an 11-day Vote Center.

There will be 38 locations open for 11 days (including Election Day) and 188 locations open for 4 days (including Election Day)

Services at Vote Centers include:

-Register, update address, or change your party

-Vote in-person or drop off your ballot

-Get a replacement ballot

-Receive language assistance

-Use assessable ballot marking device

-You can vote with an on-demand ballot at any vote center if you live in OC

In addition, 110 Ballot Drop Boxes will be located throughout Orange County, open for 30 days (including Election Day), 24/7.

Visit OC Registrar of Voters web site for a complete report on this: www.ocvote.com/votecenter.