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Fee Increase for Green Waste Recycling

Residential customers in Fullerton will see a fee increase of $1.51/month to pay for the implementation of a new green material composting policy, as mandated under state law AB 1594.

The purpose of AB 1594 (2014) was to close a loophole in state recycling law that allowed cities to “divert” green waste (yard trimmings, etc) to local landfills as “cover.”

Under the new state law, green waste will no longer be free to place at the local landfill, as it had under previous law.

Fullerton’s waste service contractor Republic will now divert the green material it collects from single-family residences and compost it at Agromin OC, located in Chino Hills, where the green waste will actually be recycled, instead of being placed in our local landfill.

Piles of mulch at Agromin OC in Chino Hills.

City Council voted 5-0 to approve this new policy.


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